About Us
The Barefoot Blacksmith is quite a contradictory tag, but it represents the new and the old with equine hoofcare. I have seen, studied and experienced 'both sides of the anvil'. Even though my business is right at the cutting edge of equine bare-hoof-care science, I am fortunate to have a long term background in traditional farriery. I didn't just turn up at the stables yesterday! Experience only comes with high mileage. I started learning the farriery trade in the 1980's while I was also studying applied science. After graduating (B.App.Sc), I set up a farrier business in Central Victoria and have been "down under" horses ever since. Right from the outset, it was more than just a job and I continued to study (and apply science!); searching for better ways to balance equine legs and feet and solve lameness problems. After shoeing about 20,000 horses (and probably trimming a similar number) I thought I knew a bit about horse's feet. But then along came barefooting!
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