Tibetan Plateau Magnesium Chloride 8 kg - Flakes
Tibetan Plateau Magnesium Chloride 8 kg - Flakes 
Premium quality, High purity, low impurity Magnesium Chloride. The Tibetan Plateau is 3200mtrs above sea level in an untamed land isolated from pollutants and contaminants. Equal to anything else in the world.

Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate MgCL2.6H2O - 100% approx
Magnesium Chloride MgCl2 - 46.4% approx
No heavy metals detected and formulated especially for horses with bromides at an extremely low rate of 0.0024%

This human grade magnesium chloride is not certified Food Grade but is compliant to Food Grade specs. This is purely to do with the packing environment, that is it is food grade quality but not packed according to food grade specifications in a stainless steel dust free factory etc.

Magnesium is important in bone formation along with calcium and phosphorous. It also plays a leading role in metabolic processes and helps to lower circulating insulin levels, therefore reducing glucose uptake. Magnesium Chloride is very readily absorbed. Best results are achieved by dissolving in water and feeding twice daily. One tablespoon twice a day is an initial dose and it can be increased for horses with severe deficiencies. When stools become loose reduce the dose.

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