Medium Loop Knife
Medium Loop Knife 
What is a loop knife ? It is two one sided knives put into one. It is easier and safer to use than the one sided knives.

Loop knives are gaining universal acceptance as the tool of choice for maintaining the sole and frog in the quest for healthy hooves.


There are many brands on the market so why choose ours?


Our barefoot loop knife is the ideal shape for maintaining healthy hooves. The blade is long enough to easily cut the required amount of   sole and frog, but short enough to help you avoid the pitfall of cutting too much protective sole away. More importantly, it is short enough to provide maximum leverage when trimming hard feet ( length of handle 150mm, length of blade 40mm ).


It is a mid range knife that is ideal for owner trimmers, yet still quite suitable for professional trimmers      ( I use one of these knives every day and I am very satisfied with it ).


It is made of mid range steel that is easy to sharpen and of course it comes at mid range price!




Weight 0.07 kg
Price: AU$35.00


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